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Come as a stranger.

Stay as a Friend.


Return as Family.

Come as a stranger.

Stay as a Friend.


Return as Family.


New Hope Community Dinners

About us

We believe every community needs a time and place to come together.  What better way to do this than with warm food around tables in friendship, laughter, and connectedness. 


Each week we invite our neighbors, of all ages, ethnicities and lifestyles to gather around the table with us to share a meal, a good story and build authentic community together.


We are on a mission to bring renewal to Virginia Beach neighborhoods, by gathering around weekly dinner tables, talking about real life topics, and helping people experience a life that is being made new.

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“I'm really excited about the Gathering Spot @ Magic Hollow because it gives me a chance to engage in relationships. I was a bit anxious about the whole concept at first because I wasn't sure what it would look like or what to expect. Sitting with a complete stranger, having a meal, engaging in conversation, what would we talk about?

Well, let me tell you. During our second Dinner Church gathering, I met a lady with her young daughter. We sat together and in no time, the conversation just seemed to flow. It was as if we had met before. And now each time we meet we greet each other with a big smile and the conversation seems to pick up right where we left off.

I thank God for the opportunity to be a part of the dinner church at Magic Hollow. I can’t wait to get there each week in order to see what the Lord has in store for each of us as we gather together around the table.”

Gwen Brock

Wednesday Night

A typical Wednesday night at the Gathering @ Magic Hollow includes a free warm meal for everyone, space around the table to build relationships and community, a story from the life of Jesus Christ, and prayer for those that would like it.  


We meet every week at the Roma Lodge, 3907 Magic Hollow Blvd, Virginia Beach at 6:00 pm.


So come join us in their spacious Ballroom which allows us to practice safe social distancing while being able to share a meal around the table.  Bring your neighbors and let's build a strong community together.  As always we remain committed to providing as safe an environment as possible for you and your family as well as a place to connect with one another.

For more info please contact us at...

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