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Our Mission

We are on a mission to bring renewal to Virginia Beach neighborhoods by sharing the tangible ministry and story of Jesus Christ around weekly dinner tables in order to help people begin to experience a life being made new through a relationship with Him.

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Community Dinners

Some of life's most meaningful conversations take place around the table at home, in a coffee shop, local park or favorite restaurant. Many of Jesus most exciting encounters took place while sharing a meal around the table, which is why his followers, during the first 200 years of Christian history, ministered to each other and their community by inviting everyone to share a weekly meal together around the table.

The Gathering @ Magic Hollow is modeled after these ancient Agape Feasts.  It is our desire as we gather to build friendships and community around the table through sharing good food, story, listening and laughter.  We also want to bring genuine hope to people through sharing a story from the life of Jesus and offering prayer for those that would like it.

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Who We Are

The Gathering at Magic Hollow is a ministry of New Hope Christian Fellowship. We are a faith community made up of people who are learning to live our lives on mission by bringing the ministry and message of Jesus Christ to the people and circumstances we meet everywhere our feet take us. 

We value keeping things authentic, simple and relational in order to grow as followers of Jesus and to stay on mission together. In a world that continually calls for drawing lines in the political, economic and racial sand and then demands that everyone pick a side, we encourage each other to remember that Jesus erased the categories and sends us across those lines into the realm of culture to live and to love by sharing His ministry and message with the people we meet.

That's why we also value relationship expressed in two ways: authentic community and creative hospitality. Authentic community provides a context where we can actually learn and practice how to live our lives in relationship with each other the way Jesus would live them if He were us.

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